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11 Abandoned Ghost Towns in the U.S.   U.S.A

Started Sep-19 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 288 views.

11 Abandoned Ghost Towns in the U.S. You Can Still Visit

The rapid expansion west helped U.S. towns blossom all over the United States. Be it for their fertile land or stellar trading, tiny townships once boomed across the nation — until one day, they didn’t. Abandoned because of illness, collapsing industry, or merely because their once lively citizens moved on, these communities became known as “ghost towns.” 

Perfectly (or near perfectly) preserved relics of our past can be found around the nation. As The New York Times reported, some 3,800 ghost towns exist in America, mostly abandoned between the 19th and 20th centuries for greener pastures and big city dreams. However, just because no one lives there doesn’t mean you can’t visit.

Here are 11 ghost towns in the U.S. you can still experience today.

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