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Making a Switch   General Discussion

Started Nov-23 by MRCROSSROADS; 150 views.



I've been an avid Mint user for at least the past 3 years, and still love the distro and would still definitely recommend it to new users. Or to anyone I suppose. But having been running Fedora 27 one one of my laptops and on a laptop at work in a VM, I am ready to make the switch to it on my primary machine. 

I created a text file with a command to install a dozen or so programs I want on any fresh install. I'd like to turn it into a script so that's the next thing I need to learn.

So far it seems like dnf is easier to use than apt. Less verbiage. At least what I've been using the cli for.

A funny thing happened to me at the computer fix it shop.  No one told the Linux man that I had dual boot to Windows or Linux.  Had being the keyword.  I now have a Linux laptop with the latest Mint Mate.

So I've switched to having a total Linux machine more sooner than later.  What browser are you using with yours.  I had him install Firefox and he installed Chromium (sp?) but I wanted Chrome.  He's going to change that out for me as he misunderstood.

Don't change your email address.  :p




I mostly use Chromium, which is the open source version of Chrome. 

If you want Chrome you can download and install it here.

Yup, I've already installed Chrome.  Chromium would not play Netflix or Hulu so I trashed it.  Other than that the browser was fine.




Glad you got it.

Did you take your laptop to the store to upgrade to the latest Mint version? If so, it's real issue to do yourself. Let me know next time and I can help.


From: bshmr


I prefer Opera, which is free for Linux, because it can conform to my preferred RSS reading as well as browsing styles. Primary is that I can close all tabs and the browser stays open (whereas Firefox only Quits). I Quit the browser only IFF I want to <g>. With RSS, after the Security Fix to prohibit starting ignored background tabs (focus if forced on loading nowadays), I select the lede of interest, Alt-Tab back to RSS, (repeat usually), ... , close RSS and read collected tabs. FWIW, I only Fetch Feeds -- none of those 'breaking news' interruptions.

I took it to the computer guy because the desktop was so borked and no matter what I did it stayed that way.  All of the icons were teeny tiny little red boxes and the trash, home and computer icons were huge and they all said ABC on them.  Nothing else, just those 3 letters.  All seemed well however when you moused over and found a browser.  It would open and function normally.  But I knew something was wrong. 

How's that for a long explanation of saying yes I have the latest one now.  It says Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia..hopefully that's the right one.  I'm liking it fine.  It sucks though that Firefox made its new browser non compatible with so many scripts that I used.

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I used Opera now and then for Windows.  I didn't even think about it for Linux.  Glad to know that it works with Linux..

CDP (PerraultC)

From: CDP (PerraultC)


I don't have a ton of experience with apt, but dnf is pretty simple especially for the basic stuff  you will be using it for 99% of the time. For people used to yum (which is what it's a fork of) it's easy to go from yum to dnf. The command  options are all the same (or mostly anyway) and one simply replaces the 'yum' command with dnf. 

Fedora has a few minor quirks but none of them are close to show-stoppers for me and I've been real happy with it on my laptop.




Wonder why RH has stuck with yum. Seems dnf is tested and true.