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Why Pop!_OS Is The Best Ubuntu-Based Linux Distro   Debian (Based)

Started 7/16/20 by 1776 (MRCROSSROADS); 96 views.



I recently produced a video guide showing how to get set up for gaming on elementary OS, an excellent, polished Linux distribution which I’ve praised on these pages repeatedly. I received a perplexing comment explaining that I should just create one universal guide for all Ubuntu-based distributions, since “generally, the software installation steps are the same.” That couldn’t be further from the truth, and it inspired me to paint a detailed picture why.

Pop!_OS, elementary OS, Zorin OS. These are but a few Linux distributions based on Canonical’s popular Ubuntu. But that doesn’t mean these are merely reskinned OSes with different wallpapers and a slightly tweaked user interface.

Take elementary OS, for example. It uses a completely different desktop environment (Pantheon instead of GNOME), puts a dramatic emphasis on a beautiful and streamlined workflow, and has its own software center populated by independent apps designed with elementary’s look-and-feel in mind.

When it comes to Pop!_OS, there are several key differences that distinguish it from being an “Ubuntu clone.” And those differences stack up to create the simplest, fastest path to gaming joy for veteran and beginner Linux users alike.

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