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Hardware missing. lshw fails.   Software / Hardware

Started Aug-28 by Clive - Proctalgia Fugax :0(( (cl1ve); 68 views.


I have shrunk the NVMe partition and added Linuxmint, despite praising SuSE I feel this is preferable.


In W10 the WD Green SSD (960 GB) I fitted is partitioned

S: T: U: and a small x: drive.

In LinuxMint, and Debian Bullseye Live, nothing there. NADA.

Disks and Gparted are oblivious of it.

lshw doesn't find it.


There is an Intel option in the BIOS, and disabling that enables AHCI.

W10 now wont boot, nor is GrUb2 an option. Reset.

W10 works, Mint boots, no Hardware.

So I would like some suggestions please on how to ID and mount in Mint,

rather than change the BIOS or W10 to accommodate it.

As updates may break the delicate bonds.





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Well I switched to AHCI and so far so good.

W10, Device Manager, Storage Controllers, Intel SATA raid, update drivers.

Choose, let me pick, uncheck show compatible hardware.

Microsoft Storage controllers.  Shut down. Change BIOS.


Almost as simple as me.