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Decreasing organic growth in facebook   Social Media in General

Started 8/5/19 by jordanparekh; 1426 views.

From: digitaldesir


Yeah that's true but facebook is still a strong platform for Digital Marketing so It wont ever be obsolete even when there's no Organic growth.


From: mariearnett


You are absolutely right. I agree with you.

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From: magiicians


5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

I know you’ve noticed it…

Over time, your Facebook page’s reach has continuously gone down.

It’s not just in your head.

In just a few years, the organic reach of Facebook pages has plummeted:


And the stock price of Facebook just continues to go up.

Is it a conspiracy?

Decrease the organic reach in order to force businesses to pay for exposure?

Maybe a little bit, but there’s more to it than you might first think.

And while it’s obviously a bad thing to lose some of the reach, it’s not as bad as the numbers might make you think.

The current situation: Right now, the average page has an organic reach of about 6%.


The key word there is average.

Some pages get much more, some get much less.

Obviously, you want to reach as many of your fans as possible, so you want your page to be on the upper end.

And I can show you how to do that.

There are five main ways that you can improve your Facebook page’s reach.

I’m going to simplify them and walk you through the ways you can implement them to drive more traffic to your website and sales through Facebook.

What is your Facebook page’s reach based on?

Before you can attempt to increase your page’s reach, you need to understand what your organic reach is based on.

First, why do you think Facebook limits the organic reach of pages? Why not allow all users who have liked a page to see every single post?

There are two main reasons why Facebook limits organic reach.

The first we already looked at: it can help Facebook make more money because businesses with poor page reach will spend more on promoting posts through Facebook ads.

The second one is much more interesting to you and me.

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  • Edited September 13, 2019 6:35 am  by  magiicians

From: mariearnett


I like the way you define Facebook's organic reach. Keep on sharing that valuable information. visit


From: SnehaaY


Yes, Facebook is still a strong platform for marketing because most of the people in our country are using Facebook and we can target any user of any age.

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From: mariearnett


Yes, I completely agree with you. Facebook is a strong and effective platform for Digital Marketing. 


From: Neil32


I do also agree with this.

Thank you. 


From: sreela


Facebook help to reach target audience and it helps lower your market expense

I do agree with facebook is very strong

Thank you


From: Bridjet75


Honestly, this does not surprise me a little. Have you been on facebook for a long time? It is very difficult for me to use this social network. The interface is very overloaded. It may take several hours to find some specific settings. And what can I say about the fact that there is no way to write SMS directly from Facebook, you need a messenger. I am really looking forward to the update, and in the meantime use Twitter. By the way, if you are interested, you can buy yourself subscribers and likes, continue reading this.