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How did you spend your time in self-isolation because of covid19?

Started 9/4/20 by lilla99; 292 views.

From: lilla99


How did you spend your time in self-isolation because of covid19?


From: golvoka


My isolation was complicated. I worked online. But the most stressful thing is my children's online studies and my work! It was thrash!


From: afikl


During self-isolation, I found an article about 4646 Angel Number Spiritual Meaning  and I became interested in numerology. Because the number can determine, for example, what the coming year will be for you and how to use it with the greatest benefit for yourself. From a numerological point of view, time moves in endlessly repeating cycles from 1 to 9


From: kenochka


I like to read and watch movies


From: ammarant


For me, watching movies is a great way to get away from the creepy news about covid and get positive emotions. I hooked up MAG425a stb android. Now I can watch any movies online at any convenient time for me. The quality of the video and sound is gorgeous!


From: Alpen25


Ur lucky guys you had some free time to do anything else except studying.. If talkin about me I didnt have enough time at all cuz we had online education and so much homework stuff to was extremely hard for me to bear it 

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From: Alpen25


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From: Frederic1k


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From: nonasimpson


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