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Gaming software development

Started Feb-17 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 66 views.

Hello. I have several projects and ideas in gaming application development. Do you know some professional developers who can help me to choose the best variant and realize it? Thanks in advance!


From: Katheryn19


Software developers design, create, and implement computer programs. Since software can be designed to perform a practically limitless number of functions, there are several specialties within the profession.  the app design and development cost depends upon the types of mobile app design. there are two types  of mobile design Native and  custom.


From: polinacheh


I can advise you on one proven service that can satisfy your request, I think. their services FS Studio are varied and I think you can find exactly what you need. And 3D modeling, and developers and designers of characters and objects. By the way, this is a fairly well-known service, whose employees use advanced technologies and have been on the market for about 20 years.


From: leenarobben


Well, I am also a developer but not as expert as their members dotmantech . All the contact information is present on their site, you can directly chat with them. 

Hello. All it depends on what exactly do you want. Which platforms do you want to use? I think it will be better to search several companies which work in this direction and try to describe your ideas!

This niche is quite difficult and competition is very big. Creating such products can be really expensive and require a lot of time! So you should estimate all details before start.