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Blondes are the coolest

Started Apr-26 by Ndiyaro; 141 views.

From: Ndiyaro


After watching a movie about a legally blonde, I fell in love with blonde women. I broke up with my girlfriend because of problems in our relationship. We are not a match for each other at all.


From: Dornthesh


I visited a dating site with blondes, I made sure that blondes are not stupid. I have no idea where this idea came from in humans. I met on dating site a pretty blonde who is a master of sports in athletics and travels around the world. If the blondes were stupid, they would not be able to graduate perfectly well. Do you agree with me?


From: Zorando


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From: Alpen25


I know many people are trying to find a good girl, but many struggle for various reasons, so I suggest you try this web dating, where you can find a good girl for all tastes and colors.


From: Bobbyyy11


Yeah, they look really good! By the way, I can also recommend you some other variants as well. For example these haircuts for men from can be really interesting and nice for everyone right here. I truly hope that it may help someone for sure.


From: kira7112


I am currently alone. My gf left me after several years of relationships and I decided that it is a quite good opportunity to make new relations and is a great option. I can chat and meet new people, to communicate with them and it is a really cool option.