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Started Apr-30 by worldwa; 30 views.

From: Iceacea111


Halo Hair Extensions

The halo hair extensions are the newest type of hair extension that will not stick to your own hair. Instead, it takes advantage of your natural head shape and sits comfortably on your head like a crown with a hidden wire. The halo holds it firmly in place. This is in contrast to most other types of hair extensions that cling to your real hair in some way. and most importantly, other hair extension methods will physically adhere [to your hair]. This accessory causes breakage ... as well as the ability to create bald spots. "When it comes to the Halo Method and the Difference, Taryn says," Because the halo doesn't stick to your hair, it can't ruin your hair. It's perfect for girls who are aware of their hair health.  halo hair extensions