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Correct Use of Electric Spray Gun

Started 8/29/21 by LilBeastll; 54 views.

From: LilBeastll


Electric paint spray gun is an electric tool that can spray various low-viscosity liquids into mist. It is widely used in furniture, decks, terraces, fences, cabinets, walls, etc.

Compared with traditional manual painting, electric painting can greatly improve work efficiency. At the same time, you can also adjust the output of the paint by adjusting the button on the sprayer to accurately spray the object.

If you also like to DIY various projects by yourself, buying an electric paint sprayer must be a good investment.

So far, I have used an electric gun to finish the exterior wall spraying of the house and the painting renovation of the furniture.

It is undeniable that since I purchased the electric paint sprayer, my spraying job has gone a lot smoother.

I am also very happy to share with you how to use such a useful electric spray gun.

Correct use

1. Shake the paint well before pouring the paint into the paint cup of the spray gun, so that the sprayed paint will be more even.

  • Do not spray directly on the wall after the paint is ready. You'd better find a piece of waste fabric or wood to test whether the paint sprayer works normally.
  • During the formal spraying, the distance between the electric paint gun and the surface of the sprayed object should be kept constant, and the distance should preferably be between 12 and 20 cm.

4. Each time the electric paint spray gun sweeps the traces should overlap with the last spray by one third. The moving speed of the spray gun is not easy to be too fast or too slow, and it keeps moving at a constant speed.

  • Bring safety protective gear. Improper operation during paint spraying may cause eye damage. So you need to wear goggles when using an electric paint sprayer. In order to prevent excessive inhalation of harmful gases in the paint, wearing a mask can also ensure safety.

Correct maintenance method

1. After each use of the electric paint spray gun, the cylinder and piston rod should be cleaned in time. This prevents the piston rod from sticking in the spray gun. The paint sprayer I bought has a simple structure, all parts can be easily disassembled, and the cleaning is very easy.

  • After the cleaned paint sprayer is dried, you need to drop a few drops of engine oil on the piston to achieve the purpose of lubricating the internal parts. In this way, the next time the electric spray gun is used can it still be smooth, and the service life of the spray gun can be longer.

Whether you are doing house painting or woodworking DIY projects, this electric spray gun will be your good helper.


From: Debonyt


It's great that there is time and energy to do all these things. My main hobby is of course drawing and I am happy to do it. It brings me joy and pleasure.


From: Zorando


I am now learning to paint landscapes and would like to try to paint with oil, but I know that there are special techniques of painting with oil and each artist finds his own. So just try Do you think it's real to learn to paint oil paintings or do you need talent? I will be interested to know your opinion about the art of oil painting