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What is special about the Chinese game Genshin?

Started Sep-20 by Mandarinich; 54 views.

From: Mandarinich


What is special about the Chinese game Genshin?


From: ammarant


Currently in Genshin Impact, the endgame is represented by only one large dungeon called the Twisted Abyss. There you in each room fight with certain groups of monsters for a while with additional conditions such as increased fire damage. The upper floors of this dungeon (rewards there are reset every couple of weeks) the player can really go through only by pumping two squads of characters to the maximum. 


From: lelekana


This is a new game for me. I'm still studying. But for now, I like to play it.
Here the player is given sufficient freedom. You can simply increase the attack power or critical damage, or you can add an additional elemental effect with the help of equipment and watch how the combinations of the elements effectively blow the enemy into atoms. Everything is simple and concise, but addictive. I want to try different builds and see how they work.
To learn more about the game, I took Genshin Impact boosting
With the help of PRO, I get more, study the game and do not spend a lot of time in order to solve complex game problems


From: Alpen25


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