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Search for a new job and resume.

Started Nov-29 by Lavarda; 27 views.

From: Lavarda


When filling out a resume, you will definitely find the section "education" and "additional education" that you need to fill out briefly and clearly. Evaluating your education, the recruiter should understand that it corresponds to the position presented.

Despite the fact that diplomas of state universities have more weight in matters of hiring, it will not affect the final decision of a potential employer in any way. 

When filling out the section on education, it is important to consider five important points: 

In this section, you should specify: diploma, specialty, school, year of graduation.

• It is worth starting with the education in which profession you work;

* It is necessary to list other diplomas in reverse chronological order;

* Secondary education should not be indicated if you graduated from college;

* End dates are not set if it was more than five years ago. 

Where should I post information about education? 

The recruiter should not seek out the data he needs. If you have no work experience, and you have just graduated from a higher educational institution / college, then this information should be indicated immediately after the column "vacancy" for which you are applying. 

If you have a lot of work experience, then information about education should be indicated after the column "work experience".

Tip: first of all, you should specify the most important information for the recruiter.


From: Jeraldos


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