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What are decentralized applications?

Started Jan-17 by Boaggyt; 52 views.

From: Boaggyt


What are decentralized applications? How are they used in the modern world?


From: kammillotos


Hello there. It is not so simple task.

Decentralized applications are applications that run on different computers or nodes without a central control of the applications. Some rules are built into the applications in order to have agreement or consensus across the different nodes running the application.

There are several different types of decentralized applications. Two types are listed below:

- some run duplicate tasks and compete to determine whose results is accepted.
- some have inbuilt rules to perform task splitting so that the different nodes pick parts of the tasks to run such that the decentralized nodes get more work done by not exactly duplicating every task.

Blockchain applications are of the first type with the rewards for success being allocated to the winning node.


From: Mullinsz22


Good answer. I can say that DApps (decentralized applications) is one of the most intriguing terms which is used in the blockchain field nowadays. According to main definition DApp is special application that is run by many users on a decentralized network with trustless protocols. You can find a lot of information about this online. Talking about usage of decentralized apps, you can check examples on Avalanche (avax) site.