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buy house spain

Started May-13 by grey6e; 35 views.

From: grey6e



I am an Italian currently living in London.

I am looking to purchase a modest family home in Spain with the following features:

- within 20 minutes drive to the sea;

- 3 bedrooms;

- within 1 hour drive to an airport;

- village or town location;

- intended purposes are holiday home with possible relocation;

Are there specific locations that you can recommend? As a non-Spanish national (European citizen) are there any specific rules on the right to buy that I should be aware of? Are there useful websites I should consider to help with my research (aside from the housing section)?

Thanks in advance.

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From: DorozhT


Hello. You can find many real estate companies which provide property in spain for sale where I used to buy new apartment few weeks ago. They provide offers in many Spanish cities. Properties in the cities seem high in price, but this is where the value has increased the most and probably will increase even more in the future. Outside of the bigger city’s prices are still low.

  • Edited May 13, 2022 6:35 am  by  DorozhT

From: samuidan


We found a lot more negatives in living in Spain than positives and we think these are points which need to be addressed. It's perfectly ok for you to not agree with everything we experience. Everyone has a different experience when living abroad.

  • Edited May 21, 2022 9:52 am  by  samuidan