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Why does a company need a website?

Started May-31 by bossboja; 135 views.

From: bossboja


It is clear that any Internet business needs a website or at least a page in social networks. But in the case of offline companies, some owners believe that the Internet they do not need - no customers are not online, sales are going well, there is no time to support the site, etc. Why do you think the company needs a website? And is it worth turning to specialists in development?


From: mamarika


First, it is important to understand that a website is not a magic wand that will solve all your problems, immediately bring thousands of new customers and automatically eliminate your competitors. It solves a limited number of business tasks and can become an additional or main source of attracting customers. Or it may not. It depends on many factors: from the prices of your goods and services to the quality of the site itself. Much also depends on the dedicated team that will help you with web development.


From: mariopepper


The site helps companies find new customers online. It collects traffic from user queries with your company name. If someone has heard somewhere about your company and wants to know more about it, they are likely to try to find you on Yandex or Google.

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From: polli99


What types of offline marketing do you use? I would also like to recommend you to try some promo items for it like Custom Lapel Pins from for example. It is a really great way to promote your business even these days. I think it will help you with it, good luck ;)