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What types of bets are there?

Started Jun-14 by mariopepper; 109 views.

From: mariopepper


Hello forum members. I'm looking for a suitable online bookmaker that has many modes and types of betting. Can you advise such a one? And tell me what are there and how they work?


From: mamarika


Consider a site like Mostbet and download the application at This office allows you to bet on sports ventures, cybersports, virtual sports, etc. In addition, there are four types of bets:
- Regular - this bet allows you to bet on only one outcome of an event.
- Systematic - this is a type of bet that allows you to bet on 12 different sporting events
- Express - this is a bet that allows you to take out the Jackpot. Thanks to this bet, you can make several bets on the outcome of several matches. The number of matches is not limited, but there is a limit of odds up to x2000.
- Live bets are bets, which are placed in time of the match. The number of odds is limited.

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From: bossboja


It's better not to play on the site. After all, to make it easier for you to play and give it more atmosphere, in addition to the desktop version, mostbet provides you with a mobile version for browsers, Android and iOS applications.

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