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Opening of LLC

Started Jun-18 by bossboja; 51 views.

From: bossboja


advise who did or experienced, where to start (what paperwork should be collected), what is the procedure (which places to visit in what order), what are the costs (statutory fund, the cost of lawyers).


From: mariopepper


If you are asking this on the forum, it means that you have no experience in business. First of all, you need to gain minimum experience, working in any LLC for a year in any position, even as a secretary, and then you can think. Open LLC is not a problem, the problem is what to do with it then. About the real price tags - a long time ago and not yet in my memory. But one piece of advice I will give - when you write a charter, include as many activities as possible, thinking carefully about everything that may be useful in the distant future, and what may not be useful - also include. I opened a llc in tennessee, and overall it wasn't difficult, as I just did more than necessary and for good reason.



From: Jiamalik


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