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WhatsApp. For or against

Started Jun-18 by Foxman84; 79 views.

From: Foxman84


When I was choosing a messenger that I wanted to install on my phone, I had to choose between WhatsApp and Telegram. What can you say about these applications?


From: Alan4ik


I think it depends on how much you like these apps. As for me, I have used both applications and made my choice. My choice is WhatsApp. It is very easy because it has many features that I need. Including the fact that I can make calls and send files without any restrictions. A lot of gb whatsapp updates for this application

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From: rerri


To be honest, I don’t consider WhatsApp to be a well-protected messenger and I avoid talking on this application on any serious or business topics. I try to maintain a high level of protection for my personal data and confidential work information, so I try to always be up to date about the latest and most popular spyware. For example, on this site you can find many step-by-step guides on how to hack a WhatsApp account and gain access to the user's personal correspondence without contacting the smartphone of the person you would like to check. Many modern spyware programs work in this way, and in order to avoid problems with information leakage or data theft, I prefer to use messengers that have a higher level of encryption and, accordingly, they aren't as easy to hack as whatsapp.