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Help with fat loss for the first time

Started Aug-4 by mamarika; 61 views.

From: mamarika


Now I'm asking for advice on how I can jump-start my metabolism. And is there anything else I should do to stop gaining weight? I just had my blood drawn again and all is well, except my thyroid is now taking 75mcg of synthroid. I appreciate any feedback, especially if anyone has experienced something similar

  • Edited August 4, 2022 3:55 pm  by  mamarika

From: mariopepper


It's important to stick to a balanced diet. Less fat, more fiber. Enough protein and carbohydrates. Also exercise. Ideally you should do cardio and strength training. By the way, I've found a good idea for me is to order set lunches. They give you food for the whole day. Balanced meals to lose or gain weight. Very convenient. You can choose any type of diet and choose the diet you want. There are different types of diets such as keto and others. I order here, that can be helpful too.


From: bossboja


Have you ever tried sibutramine? I would never condone pharma weight loss drugs but I hear it’s fantastic. I would try carb cycling first then intermittent fasting or even Jett which I’m no fan. Then try what I wrote above.