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What are the dangers of auto lawyers and other insurance scammers?

Started Oct-3 by bossboja; 64 views.

From: bossboja


I had a situation in my life with which you will be shocked....

I bought my first car and went to get it registered. Not far from the branch I met agents who talked me into taking out a combined policy and hull insurance very cheaply. The joy of a good deal lasted until the moment when the car was involved in an accident. The policy turned out to be forged. cry

How to avoid this in the future?


From: mamarika


I understand that you had to pay for your own and someone else's car repairs. I am not particularly surprised with your situation because I have heard such repeatedly. You need to be able to figure out how get the insurance coverage you want and with the advice on you can do it. I used to be so giddy too and trusted just about everyone and also believed in cheap deals. But from this experience you will understand that it will not happen again.


From: mariopepper


Fraudsters often wait for people at branches, car dealerships, and visa centers. They offer policies that are printed on beautiful letterheads with the logos of well-known insurance companies. It is better not to trust them .