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100 good copywriting in the clothing industry, give you inspiration! (Full) _ Cl

Started Feb-2 by Kennes; 48 views.

From: Kennes


Original title: 100 sentences of good copywriting in the clothing industry, give you inspiration! (Full) A series of 100 sentences of good copywriting in the industry. I shared the first article and continue today. Still from various brands, select 100 sentences from the database for you. If you have read the first 50 articles, drag them directly to the middle to see the next one. If you want to save them, it is enough to collect this one. Part I: 1. The sticky and ambiguous summer is really annoying. I hope this vest has the feeling of falling in love with the refrigerator. 2. Clothes are the last beautiful environment of this era. New clothes are good, old friends are good. 4. When wearing "it": Put the nude light tulle skirt into your body, stretch out your wrists, let the thin shoulder straps touch your arms, fix them on your shoulders, arrange the layered light tulle pieces, and finally rotate romantically to make the gauze fluffy and smooth. 5. Clothes are semi-finished products, and your temperature makes them complete. 6. For those who can't speak, clothes are a kind of speech, a kind of pocket drama to carry with them. 7. Don't wait until you don't have a good figure to afford beautiful clothes. 8. With the agility of the wind and water, it silently accuses the "dress" of fashion, and at the same time, it also interprets the "simplicity and purity" of clothing, quietly looking forward to deducing the story of fashion with you who understand "her". 9, can not stop the flounce, can not stop the classic romance. 10. Tailoring inspiration comes from Arab national costumes, reducing unnecessary dividing lines, and geometric shapes naturally create a sense of volume and lines. 11. Even in the vigorous summer, there are soft moments in the lush light. Give yourself a period of time to get along with all of them. 12. Fabric is the soul of clothing. Expand the full text 13, the years are long, the clothes are thin, the youth has not gone far, but can not go back to the past.. 14. This winter, all I have in my wardrobe is my coat. 15. A little white dress is a must for everyone to express different attitudes in different forms. 16. How many steps does it take for you to go from a "good girl" to a reasonable "good colleague"? An A-line dress with a round neck and a white shirt collar will do. 17. Clothing is a kind of smart politics, and politics is a kind of smart clothing. 18. Summer always gives people a sense of lightness and freedom, but this does not hinder the interest of dressing up for every occasion. 19. Every cool girl should have a good white shirt. 20. It is sometimes quiet, sometimes passionate, sometimes rigorous, and sometimes smart, depending on your dressing strategy. When you wear it right, it also shapes you. 21,custom tape measure, the workplace is your show, a pair of yellow socks, can make you different. 22. We need three-dimensional elements, powerful design, free spirit, and a sense of existence. You can be seen at a glance in the crowd. I want you. 23. Dress in a charming way, "like a woman", which is closely related to skirts and high heels. Good thing the pantsuit saved the other part of us. 24. In the workplace, you can show your comprehensive wisdom and temperament. You just need to wear balanced clothes to show it perfectly. 25, there seems to be no shoulder sleeve, with the secular unruly, snow queen-like cold and arrogant temperament,tailor measure tape, for the summer has added to the cool can be felt. 26. The beveled collar hangs down like a wave, as if a scarf had come to support the decoration. 27. You see, black will not separate you from youth, as long as you take a generous step. Use the finishing touch to shape your little black A-dress, mustard yellow socks, worn white shoes, or any accessories, as long as you dare, black is always young. 28. A dress with a collar allows you to perform freely in the workplace. The collarless dress allows you to display your creativity at leisure time. 29. Another possibility of sexy, paying tribute to the gender-free fashion theory of the late 1960s and early 1970s, is different from masculinity, nor is it the same as leisure. It is a handsome, spontaneous but not tough style. 30, the flowers on the dress are silent in the wind, even if they do not speak, just walking is very beautiful. 31. Ladies' slim chiffon shirts are like lovely cherries drunk in the arms of the queen of temperament who has just been bathed. 32. It has the elegant taste of Audrey Hepburn, as well as the factors of humor and agility. It turns out fresh patterns to design beautiful clothes for you that you can wear to work and have a dinner date after work. 33. While emphasizing the elements of "slimming", "elegance" and "practicality", you might as well feel the fabric itself. You will find that there is more than one kind of black. Black can also be shiny and soft. 34. Bermuda shorts are like a cold coke in summer, accompanying us to go anywhere we want to go. 35. Sometimes "cool" doesn't have to be weird. With the right color, socks can show off your "shape". 36. Although you need to be capable, calm and powerful in the workplace, you might as well use your poetry and combine the intellectual white shirt with the ribbon. 37, plain love is the most lasting, garment measuring tape ,personalized tape measure, it brings people inner security, clothes are the same, because of simplicity, so eternal. 38, big felt hat design, so that the cold wind can not invade your body, add a hidden button of the small collar neck is also warm. 39. There is a primeval forest in everyone's heart, a land where even the footprints of birds have never been heard of, where the shadows of trees and clear springs are free to perceive the true self. 40. Tidy up your mood, dress warmly and travel calmly. Stay in nature and let your body and mind stay and think together. 41. It is more important for a person to be himself than anything else. 42. Combining nostalgic romantic feelings with the current lifestyle, the "Go to the Lighthouse" series highlights the classical and simple new style, emphasizes self-cultivation and classic high waist line, while abandoning the traditional complex decoration and details. 43. Small hat, corsage, long sheepskin gloves, neutral and handsome collocation, this is a kind of elegant handsome. 44. Traveling to Northern Europe, inspired by the natural environment such as the white water vapor and the green grass color, the delicate understanding of Oriental women traveling in nature opens up the exploration of the scenery of life elsewhere. The world is my imagination. 46. It is not to be the spokesman of the elite and the group showing off their wealth, nor to be
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