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"Tell my family I'm alive!" Qixia Geocentric Rescue, Behind the Miracle of Life:

Started Feb-2 by ylors; 60 views.

From: ylors


Originally published as "Tell my family I'm alive!" Qixia Geocentric Rescue, Behind the Miracle of Life: Go All Out Inoue, Stick to Faith Inoue During the long wait of 14 days, The rescuers on the ground, People trapped underground, No one thought of giving up. Eleven people successfully lifted the well and created a miracle of life together; There are still 10 miners in the mine who have no news. If you don't give up, there is hope. Let's work together and race against time! For 14 days, the rescue will not stop! At 11:13 on January 24, at the rescue site of the Qixia Gold Mine accident in Shandong Province, the return air shaft slowly rose under the traction of the wire rope. As everyone held their breath, a rescued miner appeared in everyone's line of sight, and the scene immediately burst into applause. Expand the full text 13:30, 14:07, 14:44, 15:18, lift, lift, lift! Up and down the bucket of the return air shaft, all 11 miners succeeded in lifting the shaft, which is a miracle of life at all costs, by all means, to seize the rescue time! On January 24, the trapped miners were lifted one after another, creating a miracle of life. Lift the well! Lift well ! Lift well ! Rescue, race against time! On the morning of January 24, the rescue headquarters found a miner in the middle of the 4th section, who was extremely weak. At 11:13, through rescue, the miner was lifted smoothly and rushed to the hospital for treatment. At 13:30, three trapped miners in the 5th section were successfully lifted, and one of them was injured; at 14:07, another three miners were successfully lifted. Subsequently, the remaining four people were lifted in two batches. So far, all 11 people who have been contacted have been successfully lifted. At the site of the fifth batch of rescued two miners, the dialogue between the rescued miners and the rescuers was tearful: "How is Big Brother?" "Not bad!" "What do you want to do most after lifting the well?" "You want to inform your family most." "Your family is waiting for you. What do you want to do when you get home?" "I want to let my family know that I'm still alive." In the last group of rescued miners, one person put his hands together to express his gratitude for being rescued. According to Chen Yumin, head of the rescue team, in order to avoid strong light stimulation, all the miners wear eye masks. In addition, all the trapped people were lifted according to the order of injury from serious to light. It is difficult to describe the difficulty of the rescue in words, because it is a "geocentric rescue" like rescue-the trapped workers are at a depth of five or six hundred meters underground, and the return air shaft for people to go up and down is seriously blocked by the explosion, and the ground boreholes are facing complex geological conditions.. Ma Jixiang, a member of the accident rescue technical expert group and general manager of Shandong Jinjian Design Engineering Co., Ltd., revealed at a press conference on January 21 that the explosion caused the mixing of air supply, power supply and water supply pipelines and communication cables in the shaft, resulting in serious blockage. Limited by the narrow construction site, it is extremely difficult to clear obstacles. The emergency rescue headquarters continued to optimize and adjust the clearance plan, and tried a variety of operation methods to speed up the shaft clearance, including the experimental use of magnet aspirators, the addition of hydraulic cutting machines, high-pressure water cutting machines, etc. The progress was relatively slow. According to the assessment and calculation of several domestic authoritative experts, the degree of blockage at 350 meters away from the wellhead of the shaft exceeds expectations. It is estimated that at 350 meters to 446 meters away from the wellhead, there is still a serious blockage with a thickness of about 100 meters, and the obstacles are about 1300 cubic meters and 70 tons. So why did the rescue channel suddenly open on January 24? According to experts According to previous estimates, due to the large volume of obstacles, it is expected that it will still take at least 15 days or even longer for the rescue channel of the main shaft to be opened. On the morning of the 24th, when rescue workers further cleared the obstacles, after the big blockage was cleared, there was a big hole under the obstacles, and the whole clearance progress was advancing by leaps and bounds. Race against the clock to speed up the rescue Behind the successful lifting of 11 people is a race against time and death. No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4 and No.10 boreholes were drilled, and all-round, full-system and full-open rescue troops were deployed at the scene. To maximize access to all rescue channels, to maximize the first time to search for signs of life, to maximize the safety of miners. With the support of the national rescue professional forces, the best experts, the most professional forces and the most advanced equipment rushed to Qixia Wushan Gold Mine to rescue and open the life passage for the trapped underground workers. At 10 o'clock on January 12, there were 9 professional teams such as Shandong Gold, Shandong Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, Longkuang Group and Yantai Fire Brigade with more than 320 people and more than 70 sets of machinery and equipment. At 1600 hours, the cage reached 180.5 meters underground. The air quality above 300 meters underground is basically up to the standard, and there is no danger above 370 meters. At 1700 hours on January 13, the shaft was cleared to 310 meters below the ground. At 12 o'clock on the 14th, the shaft was cleared to 340 meters above the ground. At 12 o'clock on the 15th, two new boreholes, No.5 and No.6, were added. At 12 o'clock on the 16th, the depth of shaft clearance was 350 meters. There are 357 sets of mechanical equipment, 13 professional rescue teams and one fire brigade at the rescue site, with 439 rescue workers. But the difficulty of rescue should not be underestimated. On January 16, the official release of information revealed that there are four major problems in the rescue. First, the mineralized zone of the gold mine is located in the fault, and the broken stratum is very easy to "get stuck". Second, the joints and fissures of the rock stratum are relatively developed, which leads to the easy deflection of the borehole. Third, there is a lot of water in the drilling well, and the water will cause danger to the trapped people when it is introduced into the roadway; Fourthly, the surrounding rock near the ore body is mostly granite with very high hardness, which leads to slow progress. Lights do not go out, day and night, go all out-adhere to the supremacy of the people, life first, at all costs, exhaust all means, go all out, race against time to speed up the rescue! On January 17, the No.3 borehole was opened, and rescue workers put supplies into the trapped underground workers and established contact. The note sent back from the mine said that there were 11 people in the middle section of 5, 1 in the middle section of 6, and 10 others were unknown. At a press conference held on the afternoon of the 18th, Chen Fei,
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