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Genius physiognomist _ punching _ txt novel paradise

Started Feb-2 by Pablss; 57 views.

From: Pablss


As soon as he entered the exhibition hall, Liu Weian was shocked, because in many parts of the exhibition hall, there are glass display cabinets, which contain different quantities of antique works of art, ranging from calligraphy and painting jade to bronze porcelain. Yes, at the end of the activity, these things will be auctioned. Brother, when the time comes, I will rely on you to help me. I don't trust those foreign devils. Maybe they are fooling people with fake things.. Wei Hongjun was once bitten by a snake and was afraid of the reins for ten years. It was the opposite of what he used to look at. Now he feels that everything he looks at is fake. Since China entered the market economy, the national consumption capacity has soared, and the huge art collection market has gradually become prosperous, and the annual turnover has increased year by year. As a result, those foreign auction agencies have also focused on the huge market of China, and this is a special auction exchange event held by a famous auction house in the United States in order to enter the Chinese art market. Although the things they took out this time are not necessarily fine products, they are absolutely genuine, and they dare not open the Chinese market at the beginning of the scandal. And unlike the regular auction, before the final auction of these things, the guests who come to the event can give their own things to the organizers,heavy duty racking system, who organize experts to conduct free appraisal. After the appraisal is completed, the holder of the antique can decide whether to let the organizer help him auction for free or to trade with the players in the venue by himself, all without any commission. In this large exhibition hall, there is also a special row of blank display cabinets, if you do not want the organizers to auction, you can apply for a display cabinet, put your collection in the exhibition. To put it bluntly,radio shuttle racking, the difference between this activity and Panjia yuan's stall is that Panjia yuan's things are sold on the ground, the objects here are placed in glass cabinets, and the probability of things being genuine is much higher. There are not a few people who have the same idea as Wei Hongjun. Many people come to the event site with some experts they think they can trust, and they are evaluating the objects in the glass booth. A corner on the right side of the exhibition hall is particularly lively, where the organizers help them identify antiques free of charge, surrounded by many guests with exhibits. "Boss Wei, you're late. Why didn't you bring anything here today?" Old Wei, you won't just buy but not sell today, will you? Are all the things in your house fake? Wei Hongjun took Ye Tian and Liu Weian, and as soon as he reached the corner, several acquaintances greeted him. It's just that this greeting to boss Wei is a little heartwarming. Although most of the things he collects are fake, the things hidden in these people's homes are not necessarily all genuine? "Don't laugh at me, Chao Po-tao. What did you bring today?" Others spoke in a joking tone, and Wei Hongjun was not very annoyed and changed the subject with a ha-ha. Hey hey, Steel racking system ,pipe cantilever rack, Yongzheng blue and white porcelain vase, Lao Wei, it's my turn soon, let you open your eyes later.. The man mentioned by Wei Hongjun smiled and raised a beautifully packaged solid wood box in his hand. Wei Hongjun smiled and said, "Well, I'm waiting to open my eyes.." Wei Hongjun knows that on this occasion, those who bring things are not necessarily those who want to sell them. In fact, most people still want to show off their proud collections. Imagine how beautiful it is to show their faces in front of all the collectors in 49 cities? "Friend No.14, please bring something up for identification." Because the guests brought too many objects, the system of arranging numbers was implemented. Only those who called the number could go to the experts to identify them. It happened that Zhao Zong, who greeted Wei Hongjun, was in the queue. "Your bottle is azure glaze, the style is Yongzheng year, but the glaze seasoning used in the three Dynasties of Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong followed the Ming Dynasty, the glaze color is thick and pure, and the tone on your bottle is a little inconsistent.." The voice of the expert sitting inside evaluating the porcelain came out, which immediately caused a burst of laughter around him. Although most of these people were laymen, they could understand the expert's words. Chapter 122 practice stall. The general antique line of people to help people look at things, words will not say dead, even if the object is fake, will only say not very optimistic or a little uncertain age and so on. Such words may sound hopeful to the layman's ears, but as long as he knows a little about antiques, he will know that this thing must be fake, and others have not broken it, that is to save face for you. Wu Lao, you.. Did you read that right? General Manager Zhao's voice rang in the crowd. This blue and white porcelain bottle was bought by him for 120,000 yuan. He found several people to see it and said it was true. There was even an "expert" from Tianjin. I gave him a certificate. If not looking for someone to see, Zhao Zong will not bring here, this is in front of all the players in Beijing to lose face, but he did not dare to speak ill of Wu Lao, that is the leading figure in the domestic porcelain appraisal industry ah. What's the matter? Don't believe my old man? Wu Lao, who was sitting behind the desk, had saved face for General Manager Zhao. Unexpectedly, this man was ungrateful. He immediately said: "This thing was burned in Henan. There are many Panjia yuan. You can buy it casually for thirty or fifty yuan. If you want a car, you can pull it.." Wu Lao's words made the onlookers laugh more and more loudly. The shy Zhao Zong's white face blushed like a monkey's buttocks. He hurriedly took his own porcelain from the table and went straight out of the exhibition hall, but he didn't even take part in the activity. "This Chao Po-tao is no better than I am, and now he can't show off." Seeing that Chao Po-tao, who had just taunted him, had left with a livid face, Wei Hongjun laughed gloatingly, feeling that he had not come in vain today, and that even if he could not get anything good,Industrial pallet rack, he had a sulk in his chest. This painting by Zhang Daqian is real, and it was painted by him in his later years. "Genuine Xuande furnace is forged thousands of times, and your object is directly poured out of molten iron.." ?
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