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There is room for farming in rebirth

Started Feb-2 by Pablss; 58 views.

From: Pablss


None of the four members of Song Muwen's family applied for philosophy, because philosophy, how to say, is not bad, or its practicality is too poor. China does not need the so-called guidance of all kinds of speech. It just needs to follow Grandpa Deng and do a good job down-to-earth. For the Song brothers and sisters to choose the major, parents do not understand, understand some people look down on, see how many of them reported the unpopular professional, what is the use of coming out in the future? Song Muwen said that you will know later! The university starts school in the spring, so Song Muwen and others are a little short of time, while the university is still a few days away from school, they leave home and embark on a new journey. Chapter 193 New University. Finally left home, set foot on the journey to college, Song Muwen's heart feeling is strange, this time to college, even wearing flowers, the people in the county is formed a team to knock to send a few people, the other people are fine, that is, Song Muwen felt very embarrassed. It may be that Song Muwen has seen college students who are cabbage graduate students walking all over the world, so she feels that it is a shame for a college student to exaggerate so much, but facts have proved that other people not only do not feel ashamed, but also feel very powerful! The time that the university begins school is about the same, because at this moment for admit convenient, which student signed up for what school, and the mark was achieved, the school can transfer the student's archives to examine in the past, after examining clearance, extend advice note, so do not have so troublesome, then the university is crowded in a time begin school. But the four brothers and sisters were going to different places, so they got on different trains. Song Muwu is still very worried about his sister, entangled for a long time, and even want to send his sister to school first, and then go back to school. Oh, no, it's not good for you to be late. Although you are a great college student here, you are not the only college student in your school. You are late for school, which has a very bad influence. You can rest assured that I am married and an adult. Song Muwu is still used to protecting his younger sister under his wings, and he is still like this when he gets married. Song Muwen felt a little distressed ah, sister control brother can not afford to hurt! Song Muwu struggled for a long time and said, "When you arrive, you should call me and write me a letter every week." Song Muwen said, "I can't make a phone call. I don't know your phone number, but I can write a letter." Sitting on the green train, Song Muwen sighed. Although she had the freedom to leave home, she also had the melancholy and reluctance to part with her family. Although she rushed to the same city where Yu Ermeng was, heavy duty warehouse rack , she couldn't go wrong, and she couldn't go into the city. On the surface, she and he were in the same place, but in fact, they were almost separated from each other. Song Muwen sat and had nothing to do, so she took out a pen and paper to write a letter. She had too many people to write to, and she had to report her movements to many people, as well as her feelings after arriving at the new school. After writing for a while, Song Muwen found something wrong, because many people were looking at her secretly. Why are you looking at her? Song Muwen thought for a while, only to find that he wrote this thing too much publicity, this age can write not many people, ah, people who can write are as respected as ancient scholars. So Song Muwen could only close the pen. Some of Song Muwen's luggage was put into the space, and only one package was carried in her hand, which seemed to be relatively small. After a long train ride, we arrived at our destination in the evening. As soon as we got out of the railway station, we could see people from major universities holding signs to look for students from their own schools. Song Muwen carefully distinguished and found her own school. Song Muwen's school is quite famous, in fact, with Song Muwen's achievements, it's no problem to apply for Tsinghua University, Peking University and so on. However, the family also knows that it's too pitiful for their newlyweds to be separated from each other. If two people are in one place, they can give birth to a baby earlier. In this way, the rest of the family and the Song family have no opinions about Song Muwen. Only a few of Song Muwen's brothers thought it was a pity. Song Muwen's arrival is naturally warmly welcomed, the new school girl, that good grades, rare is a girl, more rare is a beautiful girl ah. Everyone gallantly carried Song Muwen's luggage, and Song Muwen thanked her. These seniors were not admitted to the university, but were recommended by the workers, peasants, soldiers and other places at the beginning. Of course, to be recommended to go to university, not only their own quality is hard, but also the composition is good and the relationship is hard, so it is not easy to be recommended to go to university. At this time, there was no special school bus in the university, so these people did not know where to get bicycles, tricycles and other vehicles to transport luggage for younger students. How many points did the school girl get? Song Muwen reported a score, everyone was surprised, this result is really good, the province is ranked high. Why did the school girl apply for our school? Some people can't help it. "Because my husband is a soldier here," said Song Muwen. Well, now the men have been hit, did not expect such a beautiful school girl actually married! But it doesn't look like you're married at all! "Are you getting married?" Some people are really unwilling ah, such a beautiful school girl. Still so smart. Song Muwen didn't want to be a philanderer. She told the truth and said, "Yes, I'm 22 years old. Why don't I get married?"? The family is worried to death. I got married at the end of last year, just before I went to college! I heard that the university is not allowed to engage in dating and marriage, so hurry to get married in advance. "Which company is your lover a soldier?" A soldier is so lucky, they are these social pride college students can be dissatisfied! Song Muwen smiled and said, "He wrote back that he is now a regimental commander and has the rank of lieutenant colonel. I'm not very clear about things in the army. Anyway, I'm happy for him when he gets promoted." ?