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Best Ways to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 3180

Started Feb-7 by alexnelson12; 26 views.

From: alexnelson12


QuickBooks Error 3180 is associated with the employee list and the information stored in it. It could refer to one of numerous things. To begin with, the voucher might be broken, the item could be incorrectly mapped, or the accounts could be incorrectly mapped. You are more likely to receive the QuickBooks error code 3180  if the account you are presently using is inactive. A deleted account cannot operate with journal transactions, so produce such a journal entry with a legitimate and active account.

Possible solutions to fix the QuickBooks error code 3810

Solution 1: Recreate the voucher and double-check the accounts

Solution 2: Add a Vendor into The Detail Line

Solution 3: Check the Sales Tax Information

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