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Fack a Facebook account

Started Feb-7 by penguinlucky; 53 views.

From: penguinlucky


help is needed. Are there anyone here who understands how to do this without getting caught? Just don't give me any stupid advice or try to talk me out of it. Just write in essence.


From: kroshik


I'm writing in essence - don't. do it. You can't do it anyway. So leave it alone and come up with something better. That's my opinion. And remember, you have no right to pry into someone's personal space.


From: CrySmile


If you want to learn how to hack a Facebook account, there are many methods available. The most popular methods how to hack facebook account are described in the article You can use spy apps to hack a Facebook account. These apps allow you to see all of the messages that your victim sends and receives, as well as all of their contacts. To use this method, you will need to install an app on the phone of your victim that enables you to monitor their activity. You can also reset your password by changing it through Facebook's “forgot password” feature or by contacting customer service directly. If you choose this option, however, make sure not to give away any personal information such as birthdates or phone numbers because this could be used against you later on down the road.