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Lab-grown diamonds

Started Mar-13 by mariopepper; 36 views.

From: mariopepper


Hey guys, have you heard about lab-grown diamonds? I've been hearing a lot about them lately. They're supposed to be just as good as real diamonds, right? What about the history of diamond mining? We all know that conflict diamonds have been a problem in the past, but what about the environmental impact of diamond mining?


From: mamarika


Well, that depends on how you define "just as good." They have the same physical properties as natural diamonds, but some people argue that the fact that they're man-made makes them less valuable. I read somewhere that some lab-grown diamond producers even use renewable energy to power their facilities. That can't be said for regular diamonds. I've even heard how diamond mining has led to deforestation and soil erosion in some parts of the world. Check out some facts about diamonds at this site:, and don't forget about the labor issues. There have been reports of child labor and unsafe working conditions in diamond mines. The diamond industry has a dark history. But we should also acknowledge that it has done some good, such as providing jobs and economic opportunities for people in some countries.


From: bossboja


It's definitely an interesting topic to think about. It will be fascinating to see how the diamond industry evolves in the future.