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Food on train

Started Mar-31 by satyam01; 39 views.

From: satyam01



In our lives, almost everyone takes a train trip. Also, meeting all types of individuals while traveling by train opens up a world of opportunities.However, on occasion, the journey could also be difficult. But everything can be disregarded if your stomach is full of delicious food. Also, ordering home-cooked food on longer trips is not the ideal choice because the flavor and quality could be compromised. So, using online meal delivery services is the ideal option to order food on train. There are many businesses on the market, but RailReceipe is among the best of them all. It is an officially recognized IRCTC partner.

Additionally, they have partnerships with thousands of restaurants across India. With a huge number of restaurants listed on its network, all of which have received FSSAI approval (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Hence, if you have any concerns regarding the flavour and hygiene, you need not worry. Within an hour of placing your order, you can receive food from any station in India and have it delivered right to your seat. As a result, you can order your favorite foods from the restaurants of your choice.

The PNR (Passenger Name Record) status is crucial information for Indian train passengers. You may quickly find out information on a train, such as its name, departure date, schedule, reservations, cancellations, or birth number, by using the pnr status. You may easily stay informed about your rail travel itinerary and arrange your trip accordingly with the aid of pnr status. Simply input the 10-digit PNR number under the box labeled "check PNR Status" under the RailRecipe train tool. Also, your screen will show all the details of your train ride. You can easily check trains between stations, so if you want to change your train in-between then you can easily do that.