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Scam website checker tools

Started Sep-22 by jonsmaradona; 14 views.

From: jonsmaradona


There are easier ways to check website safety. Link checkers are online tools that analyze standard-length and shortened URLs. They alert you if they find potential ransomware or malware. Website Scam Checker is also great at identifying phishing websites and online shopping scams in a matter of seconds. And we are not exaggerating.

All of the most popular browsers have default security tools. You just have to comb through their security settings to enable them. There, you’ll find a variety of protection options. Do you want to avoid the harm of fake and scam sites? Then, consider turning off automatic pop-ups and downloads, blocking webcam and microphone access, and disabling Flash content. The majority of Google’s products (including Chrome) offer safety features to ensure the safest browsing experience. Additionally, you can use secure web browsers like Brave or AVG Secure Browser. Browsers like this have a built-in fake website checker. They also offer extra features like adblockers and various security extensions.

Let’s not forget about fundamentals. Do you remember that Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems have built-in firewalls? Don’t underestimate their effectiveness. Keep them turned on when browsing uncharted expanses of the World Wide Web. It wouldn’t hurt to use additional security solutions that notify you about your website's reputation. There are also great Antiviruses and browser extensions that can check website safety on the go. Are you interested to hear more about them? Don’t worry. We’ll talk about it in a second.