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Plastic popcorn buckets wholesale

Started Dec-1 by jonsmaradona; 23 views.

From: jonsmaradona


The plastic popcorn bucket with drink cup and straw is made of food-grade, BPA free plastic materials. They are a great seller for cinemas, stadium, and retail locations. These popcorn chicken buckets with drink cup and straw are perfect for souvenir stores. We accept custom designs and personalized logo printing. Please feel free to contact us, and to get a free design or printing advice.

Plastic popcorn buckets are containers, typically made of plastic, designed for holding and serving popcorn. These buckets are commonly used in movie theaters, amusement parks, sporting events, and other entertainment venues where popcorn is a popular snack. The buckets are often large and have a wide opening at the top, allowing for easy access to the popcorn. They may feature colorful and eye-catching designs, often tied to a specific theme or promotion related to the venue or event. Some buckets may also come with lids to help keep the popcorn fresh and prevent spills.

The use of plastic popcorn buckets is not limited to just serving popcorn; they are sometimes used as promotional items or collectibles. Movie theaters, in particular, may offer themed buckets tied to the release of a specific film or as part of a marketing campaign to attract customers. These buckets are a convenient way to serve and enjoy popcorn in a communal or social setting, providing a practical and fun container for the popular snack.