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What is your hobby?

Started Mar-3 by kira7112; 365 views.

From: JessGilbert


I really like to spend time with friends, to chat online and to have a lot of fun. I think that it is a pretty good way to have a lot of fun and to relax as well. Sometimes I prefer active games like football.

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From: kira7112


I think that there are a lot of interesting ways to spend time and to get emotions. I am currently playing online games and used to try play tetris online which is a powerful solution, that allows to have a lot of emotions. You can also play this game online, which is a pretty good way in order to have a lot of fun with friends as well. We all remember that times when we were playing Tetris and Sega at home.


From: Dornthesh


Hi, I only have two friends and I often feel lonely. So I recently read a review on a dating site. Now I go out on dates every Friday after work. I was tense the first time, and now it's relaxing. I do not know if I will find love here, but I really like to communicate with various girls. I really love black girls, so this is my hobby.