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How to choose a suitable home safe?

Started Jul-14 by Robinson667; 115 views.

From: Robinson667


     Some time ago, I was looking for a safe that fits at home. I searched a lot about safes on the Internet. There are many types of safes. After understanding and inquiring, I have determined the type of safes I need. I bought a safe that suits me well. If you also want to buy a safe, maybe you can take a look at my suggestions.

     There are many issues to consider when buying a suitable safe. Let me first talk about why I want to buy a safe. Since I usually need to store a lot of documents, in order to have a safe place for these documents, I think maybe I need to buy a safety cabinet. And besides documents, I also need to put my cash, jewelry and some collectibles. These things need to be set up.

1. The size of the safe

    The size of general safes are between 0.5-2 cubic feet. The first thing you need to consider is which items in your home need to be put in the safe. Second, you need to think about where you want to put or place it if you buy a safe. If there are many kinds of things you need to place, a larger size safe will be more suitable for you. I bought a 1 cubic feet safe, which is large enough for me to store important items.

2. What documents can be placed in the safe

    One of the main reasons we buy a home safe is to protect our most important files. You can consider some documents stored in the family safe:

  • Important papers
  • Photo
  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Passport or other identification documents
  • Car ownership documents
  • Stock certificate

    In addition to documents, you can also place other important items in the safe, such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Nuggets
  • Rare coins, stamps and other collectibles

    The safe I bought is more than enough for these items, and there is a partition in the middle, which saves more space and allows me to use the space effectively. I like this very much.

3. What are the protection functions of the safe?

    For home safes, the other main reason we buy is to prevent theft. When the thief enters the room, he will try to pry open the safe. Therefore, the alarm is a very important device, it can remind you in time. I compared other safes at the same price. The safe I bought is very good in terms of appearance and function. The black safe is simple and stylish, and it fits well in any place. When encountering theft, it can continue to alarm for 20s. In addition to the protection function of the alarm, it also has the function of fire and water resistance. It can help protect my files from heat and humidity.

4. The cost of a safe

     I think that buying a home safe costs between $100 and $300 is enough. Its functions have met all my needs, and it also has a very intimate design. In addition to opening the cabinet door with a code , you can also use the key to turn the knob to open the door. It is a great design. If you are also interested, I can recommend it to you.

0.8 Cubic Feet Home Safe

1.0 Cubic Feet Home Safe

1.53 Cubic Feet Home Safe

    If you need to buy a safe, I hope this article can be helpful to you. When you buy a safe, you must pay attention to its functional design. I hope you can buy your favorite product. At the same time, I also highly recommend the safe I bought. If you are interested, you can take a look.


From: Dornthesh


Everyone should protect themselves and their home from robberies. Your own safety is the most important thing. Therefore, it is a great idea to purchase a safe, alarm system and reliable windows with thick glass.


From: Ndiyaro


Every house should have steel doors. Steel doors ensure your safety. Steel doors have very complex locks, so they can only be opened by blowing the doors. I feel comfortable because I installed steel doors a month ago. If you economize then there are storm doors. They provide ventilation and help keep the cold out.