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How to prepare the motorhome for the winter season?

Started Sep-6 by lelekana; 47 views.

From: Mandarinich


You need to Lubricate all door seals, service hatches, roof hatches and windows with silicone. Otherwise, the material may dry out and crack in the cold. There is no need to try to turn the switches of the water faucets, or any other plastic levers and valves, when the motorhome has not been warmed up inside at least 15 ° C. These parts are made of plastic and become very brittle in the cold, it is very easy to break them.
Make sure that the clean and gray water tanks that are firmly on the floor will not freeze even when the interior of the RV is warm. Sometimes special electric heating mats are used for this. It is better that the tanks lie at a distance from the floor (double floor).


From: kenochka


Operation of any car in winter requires some preparation. First of all, it is winter tires, brake system check and other diagnostics.
also make sure that your car has Towing and other accessories that may be useful to you.

  • Edited September 21, 2021 7:58 am  by  kenochka