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Cosplay Wig

Started Aug-16 by CosplayWig; 67 views.

From: CosplayWig


I love this wig! It came a week early, but it did take almost a month to get here, so if you need your wig quickly this is not for you. However! You would be missing out.
This wig is so pretty. The pink and the white look exactly like the picture, the hair is very long and soft, and looks incredible. Their is no strange factory or chemical smell that people have said about other wigs. It has no scent at all. (not sure if that's important, but i have very sensitive skin so anything chemically smelly is mildly terrifying to me.
It came with an open wig cap that was very easy to use. I have very long thick black hair, but with a little maneuvering I managed to get it to fit nicely against my head. The wig cap for this wig was a little small for my big head and lots of hair, but after two minutes of wiggling it looks perfectly natural. The bangs are a nice length; I wear my regular hair swept to the side and it was nice to be able to do that with this wig. After putting it on, not many hairs fell out and it didn't get very tangled, I test brushed it and it held its curls. When I stored it I braided it first before putting it back in the bag so that it wouldn't be tangled when I took it out, and it worked. (i've never owned a wig before, and have read a lot of complaints about tangles ruining the wig, so i was very cautious when storing it.)
This wig makes me so incredibly happy. I have always wanted white hair and tried dying my hair pink once before(ORANNNGE MY GOSH) and I really don't want to do any more damage to my hair, so this was such a lovely wig :')
I was weary about spending a lot of money on a wig because I was afraid that they might be too small, so I purchased this as a test run and I literally never want to take it off. I'm so satisfied with this wig.

Naruto wig


From: Alpen25


I have found some tricks that will help you achieve a perfect manicure! The first one is choosing the right color combination Go Now to check. It should always match your clothes, highlight an item in your outfit, or make a statement. Another great idea is to use foils and stickers to add some sparkle to your manicure!