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weight loss anyone??

Started 3/2/20 by DorozhT; 360 views.

Now I don't have any problems with weight. I lost around 10kg in last several months. I can say that nutrition is very important and you should pay all attention on it. With time you will need to add special exercises. Also Adipex helped me a lot, I found info about it You can start using it right now!


From: erina45


I don't have overweight problems, but I gained a few kg's because of pandemic and lockdown, but now the situation is improving, and I want to return my previous shape. I don't want to go to the gym yet because of the obvious reasons, so I exercise at home. I found a few videos with different exercises on this site, and a lot of info about a healthy lifestyle. Also, there are tips on losing weight, so I recommend you to check it because those tips work!