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The Waterboys   General

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Wallinger was recruited into Mike Scott's band The Waterboys as a keyboard player in 1983, initially touring the first album and contributing to the two following albums (A Pagan Place and This Is the Sea), as well as playing on subsequent live tours. Initially hired to play piano and organ (and to sing occasional backing vocals), Wallinger's multi-instrumental and production skills impressed Mike Scott and ensured that he played a far greater role on This Is the Sea than he had on the previous album, significantly contributing to the band's 'Big Music' sound. While Scott concentrated on Steve Reichian orchestrations of the songs using multitracked pianos and guitar, Wallinger fleshed out the material with a variety of synthesised orchestrations, synth bass and percussion instruments. Wallinger also wrote the original music for 'Don't Bang the Drum' (the opening track for This Is the Sea). Aware that his own musical ambitions would bring him into conflict with Scott, Wallinger opted to leave The Waterboys in late-1985 towards the end of their 'This Is the Sea' tour (he was replaced as keyboard player by Guy Chambers, his future collaborator).

While working on solo material, Wallinger also worked on Sinéad O'Connor's 1987 debut album The Lion and the Cobra. O'Connor returned the favour by singing some backing vocals on the first two World Party albums.