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This forum/club is a place to find and post workouts, exercise plans, personal logs, tips and tricks or whatever else fitness related you can think of.

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Welcome to Crossroads Fitness Club (CFC), a community dedicated to the discussion fitness-related topics. You are welcome to come in and visit our forum, drop in on our conversations and enjoy our camaraderie. Everyone starts off moderated. Once you've been deemed not a troll or spammer you will be granted Voice, and no longer moderated.

There are only 5 rules for participation:

1. All Topics and Posts must be related to fitness. The only exception are off topic discussions posted in the General folder. In other words, stay on topic.
Multiple registrations are prohibited.

2. No spamming, trolling, flaming, invective or other personal attacks, be they acrimonious or veiled in humor. If you take issue with a Member's position, by all means speak your mind. If you have a problem with a Member's religion, national origin, sex, politics, associations, or personal hygiene, then take it to email. Additionally, all posts are held in the moderation queue when you first post. If it's determined you aren't a bot, spammer or troll, you will be granted Voice, meaning your posts will no longer be moderated.

3. Mangling of the English language whether through ignorance, age, sloth or intent diminishes and embarrasses each of us, and is disrespectful to the reading membership. Posts which are indecipherable due to inability to translate thoughts into coherent written statements will be deleted without explanation. Recidivists will be removed.

4. Topics and conduct that will not be tolerated:

  • Drive-by cut and paste posting
  • Puerile bickering
  • Knowingly and willfully advocating violation of a standing federal or state law (any state)

5. Please note that this forum may contain some R-Rated content and language. If you are easily offended by such material, please utilize the ignore option. I do NOT and will NOT filter messages for language. I refuse to be a nanny, judge or mediator (I've tried this, I suck). Also, please remember that some access this forum from work. So link to images containing nudity and/or graphic material, do NOT post them here. It should go without saying that sexual harassment and threats of physical violence on other members will not be tolerated.

Subject to these few constraints, which are intended to foster and protect civility towards each other and maintain focus on our purpose, we hope you'll join us and actively participate in the discussions. Our Members are the reason these Forums exist. We welcome questions, opinions, product reviews, humor and more.

That being said, introduce yourself, grab a beer, and enjoy....