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Who has done an LED headlight conversion   CustomModifications/Projects

Started 4/2/17 by Sick Mick* (quick_mick); 19328 views.
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From: Lemony_Fresh


I put a Speedmetal LED from Cycle Gear in my 650. It's not the best option out there, but I got it super cheap and it's definitely better than the stock halogen. Hi beam leaves a bit to be desired though.




From: jointbeaker


Hey Mick - I've got a Trucklite sealed LED in my 1100 Classic headlight. Also sold underneath the Kuryakyn Phase7 name, and I paid 189 or so, two years ago? It's a nice light, and was 100% plug and play. Has a pretty decent light cutoff, so I shouldn't be completely blinding to oncoming traffic.

I bought online, I forget where, but it was an online Harley parts warehouse in NJ, IIRC.  EDIT: found the bookmark from way back when...here's where it came from: http://www.discountfleetsupply.com/tlc27270c.html

This light sticks out from the headlight housing a bit, so I've got the Kuryakyn LED surround on my bike. I like that it covers up the gap between the actual lense and housing, but makes the light seen WAY larger. It's a love/hate relationship. heh.

I've got one video of the headlight and trim ring, and signals:  https://youtu.be/ndcyxlYOcXQ

Here's a picture of the backside of the Trucklite sitting in the stock Classic trim ring

and a photo off my Samsung phone, on a dark country road with the same light...

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Awesome...thanks for the info!

ticker (ticker690)

From: ticker (ticker690)


This is my HD, before and after the Truklite switch. Ignore the dead passing lamp....lol

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Fubar (kc5buj)

From: Fubar (kc5buj)


I have put LED headlight and taillights on the 00-V* 1100



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Fubar (kc5buj)

From: Fubar (kc5buj)


well thought I had uploaded pics, let's try again