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One carb for V Star 1100 instead of two   Technical-Bikes

Started 2/13/19 by Antto; 4805 views.
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Longer intake runners = TQ. The V* motor is not designed for TQ. Basic engine design 101.

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From: RustyNuckfut


Intake is about the same length for the front cylinder, a bit more for the rear. Needs maybe an inch extra to clear the tank, would that make a difference who knows. 

Carb came jetted, didn't have to touch a thing except adjust the PMS a bit.

Air filter is a universal flat one from eBay, had it on my Harley before the Yamaha. The back plate is blank, so you can drill the holes to suit the carb.

Stock headers, 2 into 1 exhaust muffler, again eBay.

Everyone has an opinion and as I said I did the change for cosmetic reasons, the unexpected benefit was the big improvement in throttle response and rideability.

Maybe mine was super sluggish before, it didn't seem to be and I have a GSX1400, so I know massive torque and acceleration!




From: Antto


Hi, thousand thanks for your clarification, I decided to buy such kit on eBay like yours, hope the installation and tune would be successful.

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From: RustyNuckfut


No worries, make sure you get a carb suitable for the TPS, not all have the mounting holes in which case you need a bracket.

Also the TPS turns backwards when on a on a Harley style carb, it's a simple wire swap if you are ok with soldering.

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Just to clarify my statement regarding performance with a single carb. It wasn't an "opinion"......it was made after seeing quite a few different dyno sheets over a number of years with different intake set ups. "It feels faster" doesn't really mean much until the numbers are on paper.

I"m sure it is an increase over a stock set up, which is horrible. I'm glad your results were favorable.


From: RustyNuckfut


No problem with having an opinion, everyone has one, I used that wording to highlight that single carb is my opinion and not other people's, not to have a dig at anyone, life is too short.


From: vstar105


Average results with KJS and HS40 carb is 60 hp and 84 tq for stock bike. Will hold it own to 60 mph against any Vstar with cam, pods and exhaust. Extended to 80+ with proper setup Super E carb. 

Not everyone is into top speed and can be happy with $600 intake and single carb. Especially advantageous if you pull a trailer or love curvy twisty roads where speed is irrelevant.

1 have a stock 2005 bike with cam, pods and exaust that loves screaming down the highway, but a 2006 with KJS and SUPER E for backroads and mountains. Each has it good and bad.

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From: les648


i used a bip composite intake with a 45 adapter and a cv40 harley evo carb. i was able to modify the cable bracket and use the stock throtle cable i tapped the holes for tps but had to reverse the black and yellow wires and adapt on air filter for honda gocart see pictures


From: Antto


Looks great!

Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


Do you find there is a lot of intake noise?