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Started 2/28/21 by Ed (VeryNorCalEd); 3205 views.
Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Cheaters...lol, I've worn triple vision lenses for over 25 years now and at 68 they aren't getting better.  If you do Face Book a few of us old guys are talking about a get together, everyone will be on their own for meals and a place to sleep. Probably won't be any 1100's there since a lot of us have moved on but that's ok.

Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


Hey Donn, 

boy time ain’t waiting for nobody. Besides my arms getting to short for reading it also seems the ground is getting farther away and once I get down on the ground gravity seems to have increased because it’s way harder to get up off the ground.

Probably why I have been looking at bike lifts whether new or home made.

The other day when I was putting on the Baron’s “oil filter relocation” kit, I put my favorite piece of cardboard on the concrete floor of the shop, after some time getting prone on the ground to pull the oil drain plug, I finally get the drain plug pulled and made sure the oil was actually going in the drain pan I looked up at the front exhaust flange and then woke up disoriented and went back into the house, forgot what I was doing.

So I figure if I get a lift or build a lift I might get more done.

Getting old ain’t for the faint of heart but it’s a great excuse for getting stuff you wish had when you were younger.

You granted access to my wife’s FB account to “Yamaha V* 1100 Riders” and she has looked for any kind of details or beginning ideas of the Eugene ride in June and has not found anything. Not sure if you can do links in FB to her account to help her help me for the info of the ride?

Thanks Donn


Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


I quess it wasn't that page.  lol   It was on Jim Strodas page