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Timing marks are offff   Technical-Bikes

Started Apr-25 by Mattdaddy00; 150 views.

From: Mattdaddy00


I had to replace the starter clutch in my 2002 Vstar.  Forgive my drawing ability but I'm having an issue with the timing marks.  The camshaft keyway lines up with the scissor gear marks perfectly.  But the top gear mark is at about 11 o'clock. 

  Before I start moving anything, from other posts this could have been this way from factory. I didn't remove or adjust anything else except the starter clutch gear and magneto.  So I don't see how it could be off from fault. Plus I can only turn it a little bit before it compresses so I know it hasn't rotated enough to affect this issue.  I'm scared to put it back together cuz I don't want to have to take it back apart but I guess that's the only way to find out. Although I'm not a mechanic completely I do have a little bit of inclination on normal repairs. 

  Any help? Thanks.