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Rear cylinder valve cover   Technical-Bikes

Started May-26 by jas2048; 163 views.

From: jas2048


As of my last check/adjustment of the valves on my 2000 1100, the lower valve cover screw came out with threads attached to the screw. Fortunately there was just enough left to sufficiently seal the against any oil leaks, but I'm afraid that that will not be the case at my next valve check/adjustment. I have helicoils at the ready but have been stumped on the best method on cutting the new treads to install the helicoil. Any ideas?


From: RCCola45


Two things for you here.   First off is that once the valves have been adjusted that they rarely go out of adjustment so most will tell ya one time and your good to go.   Second and I hope someone else will jump in and verify this ... I seem to remember others doing that same thing and the easy fix was to get same thread bolt like 1/4 inch longer ... there is threads that go deeper so the longer bolt will grab onto them.    It don't take much to tighten them covers ... all your doing is compressing the rubber o-ring.   

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Like RC told you, just a bit longer bolt and you should be good to go.