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Left Switch Block removal    General Discussion

Started Jun-18 by TankWalker; 105 views.

From: TankWalker


Hi all,

Considering that I have gained a lot of information from this site, I thought I would pay it forward and share with you a step by step guide to removal of the left and right side switch blocks and what to look out for when dismantling. Enjoy, Tank.

First up Left switch block. Now this is the order I did it in, you can do it any way you want. I also had already taken the choke off the switch. May I suggest that you put the screws back into their original threads once the switch is clear.

See pic for order of removal for choke if you are going to put it back into the original block.

1. Remove LH switches off the bars and disconnect the 2 tabs from the loom by removing the plastic side covers near the headstem, they are under there.

2.First switch is the passing/high beam flicker, it has 2 Phillips and on one of these is a tab that holds the yellow wire down. This will now free one side of the switch block.

Next switch is the High /low beam. Once again, 2 x Phillips screws holding it in. Undo them and remove the switch. No surprises yet.

Next one is the Indicator switch.2 Phillips. Pry the plastic tab from the switch with a screwdriver or something put in behind it and lever it off the metal switch. When you turn the switch back over, cut the little zip tie.

Next switch is the Horn. Now take note here. 2 Phillips again.There is a spring underneath this switch and it goes a certain way. The fat arse end sits on the plastic switch and the smaller end faces inwards against the internals of the switch.

You should now have 2 pieces of switch block free from any wiring etc. Now you can paint or polish. To Reinstall, reverse the order you did things, Pretty sure on this block that the screws are all the same length but I like to put them back in the thread when dismantling to be sure I have the right ones. Cheers.