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Right side switch block removal   General Discussion

Started Jun-18 by TankWalker; 191 views.

From: TankWalker


Hi all,

This is a follow up of my previous post re the Left switch block removal.

For the right we need to remove the switch block from the bars, undo the 2 Phillips screws and open up the block. You will see that it contains the throttle cables attached to your throttle. Take  these off the Throttle.


Undo the Phillips from the throttle cable bend attached to the block and then do the other side by unscrewing the bend.

Remove the connectors at the frame near the head stem.You should now have 2 pieces of switch block, one with the switches and one with nothing.

Now undo all of the screws inside but take note that there is one screw smaller than the others that has a hook that hooks into the zip tie to give it some support for the wiring. All the other screws are the same size.

Now the good part, there is a spring underneath the starter button that goes a certain way. The larger end of the spring goes to the switch mechanism and the small end goes to the plastic horn button.There is also a Hazards switch that has a contact slide with ball bearing that is contained in the slide. 

The switch itself has a tab that holds it in the switch block. Mine has a small piece chipped off it .

Now you can paint or polish the block. Hope this helps someone. Cheers, Tank.


From: Texpatriat


Thanks, this is great. Hope I never need it but glad to have it.