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Started Jul-25 by Weeevr; 349 views.

From: Weeevr


02 xvs1100

put a LED bulb in the tail light , does'nt light with the running light but does with the brake.

tested new bulb with a battery & it works.

put the incandescent bulb back in, it works.      

have 12v in the socket , makes no sense.

Fast forward a few weeks, replaced the rear aux. running / brake units with new LED units ( small bullet type on either side of the tag ).

once again the old incandescent ones worked, the LEDs only work on the brake side.

have 12v to the park light wire & good ground  , tested as wired on the bike.

hook a battery box to the lights & once again both sides work when hotwired. makes no  sense.

question is , has anyone out there in Yamaland had this issue ?

is there something weirdo about this particular machine that I need to know.

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Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Have never seen a brake light issue like that...and I've seen a lot of guys convert to an LED bulb. Turn signals are another story....but that is a different issue.


From: Weeevr


OK,  a day of ball scratchin' later , went after it with a clear head.

put the LED in my truck, same issue.

bulb has elongated contacts as opposed to the buttons on the 1157 -------        ()  ()

bulbs bought in pair so had one to play with.

took a flat file to the contacts , problem solved.

the chinese bullet lights had a chrome screen over the lenses so as to look pretty & in the sunlight, even when shaded did not appear to be lit.

get rid of the screen, them things were lit the whole time.

overthinkin' got  the better of me.

1- 7/16"  x 1/16" o-ring filled the gap where the screens were & all is right with the world.

Kinda brain fart.

Thanks for listenin'

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Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Glad you got it figured out....