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Started Aug-4 by Supler; 403 views.

From: Supler


Quick question if I fried wiring that run through clips is it possible to just run the new wires that were toast directly to each other?

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Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


You could eliminate the connectors if you want.

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From: IamWarlock


I had a similar thing happen on my 2000 1100 Classic. 

I opened up the harness and replaced the damaged sections of wires, but you will need to fix the problem first. On mine, the main ground was bad, you might have something like that. the Main ground bolt is at the rear of the engine and it takes a very long hex key to get to it. You access it from the exhaust pipe side and I removed the slip ons to get to it. In my case, I simply loosened and tightened several times to clear whatever corrosion occurred and that fixed my problem. In my case the bike refused to start, it acted like I had a dead battery. 

So make sure any wires that attach to the frame for ground are good, especially the main ground.