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speedo went crazy and scared me to death...   General Discussion

Started Aug-16 by Zonker1972; 240 views.

From: Zonker1972


my friend i went to Sturgis this year just like every year for the last 13 years. we decided to leave early and see a couple of national parks: grand Teutons and Yellowstone. everything was going great and then we decided to take beartooth pass into MT and back down to Cody WY. about 20 miles into beartooth, my speedo needle kept falling to 0 and then jumping back to speed. this freaked me out. two years ago this same thing happened and my battery went dead. old battery, fog lights on, charging peripherals... i checked the voltage on my battery though a pigtail for the battery tender and had 13.3v. when i reved the engine the voltage went up to 14.4V. we had the choice to go back to mammoth springs on go onto red lodge MT. we went on. i checked the voltage on a quick stop and it was the same. 

i rode the rest of the day and the voltage didn't drop. i rode the final day from riverton WY to denver CO. no voltage drop. i had all kinds of theories. the speedo was dropping when i hit the brake or used the clutch. could this mean the stator was going bad? i woke up the next morning and thought i'd do a bit of internet searching and came across a video on youtube describing my exact problem. also, the person said his horn and signals weren't working... i checked and mine weren't working either. 

it turned out that my signal fuse, 10A, blew but when there was enough amperage like when i was accelerating, the electrons could arc over the gap and give me a speedo reading. if the speedo would have completely died i may have thought to check the fuse but since it was intermittent i was coming up with all kinds of theories. 

sometimes the simple answer is the best answer. Zonker

ABE (spud116)

From: ABE (spud116)


Its good you figured it out, Wacky speedo can be a symptom of regulator/rectifier going bad too.

I've been on those same roads, only in a motor home. Hope to do it on motorcycle some day too.

2000 miles each way for me. Great area.