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LED headlights on eBay   Technical-Bikes

Started Aug-18 by crazeeharry; 822 views.

From: crazeeharry


Hi all,

just a quick question that has probably been beaten to death here already, ... but.....

has anyone bought one of the 7" LED  headlights (around $28 - $60.00) sold on fleebay for the V star 1100?

Which one? Was it worth it? Any issues?

Thanks, guys...


From: lebdjtim


I purchased mine from Ebay probably in 2018.  I also at the same time bought a 5 1/4'' for the wife's sportster and the 7" and passing lamps for my Electra Glide.  I have had zero problems with any of them.  I do not remember the brand but I believe it was the Sunpie.  At the time for the money spent I was not expecting great results but I can tell you I am very happy.  Probably burn out tomorrow now.

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From: crazeeharry


Thanks, lebdjtim.

That helps!

 I've been given to understand that the full lamp is far superior to the installable LED bulbs in the Halogen reflector.

I find the stock headlight is hopeless in leaning turns, the light is everywhere but where you actually need it. (i.e. where the bike is going)

'JW Speaker's  are way out of my price range though. 

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Hey Keiron! Hope you're well! I got one of these about 5 years ago,,,still works great.


ABE (spud116)

From: ABE (spud116)


How's Keiron doing? We're doing good over here in the east. Lisa and I (with others) just

did a 1600 mile, 1 week trip riding in VA and WV. She now has a 950 V-Star.


From: crazeeharry


Thanks Mick,

I'll look into it....

The stock light is useless in unlit neighborhoods when you drop into a turn and need to see if there is sand or debris in the direction of travel, your's is a 7" Harley bucket, right?  Be well my friend.



From: crazeeharry


Hey, Don,

I'm well, wish I was riding but we're enjoying massive Monsoon's down here this year.

My regards to Lisa and her new 950 V* 

Be safe my friend. ( A week's road trip,  I'm Jealous!)



From: eruby


That's the same one I got. Sunpie. Mine has 3 LEDs on for low beam and the other 3 for high beam. I think there are newer ones that have all lit in high beam - which I would like better. I think they call it "Dual Burn".

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From: crazeeharry


Yup, I like the idea of still using the low beam diodes along with the High beam.

Dual burn would be the preferred way to go. (Use em if you got em....)

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Half of the LED high beam on my Road Glide is burnt out, comes on for 3 seconds and then goes out. The replacement is $800.00! Even a aftermarket with a lifetime warranty is the same price. Damn!