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Hi! New Rider here - NYC   New Member Introductions

Started Aug-19 by JMK1100 (JMK1000); 371 views.
JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


Hi Guys,

About 400 miles ago, I purchased my first motorcycle 2007 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic.  I am 64, driving for about 45 years, but riding for about 2.5 months now.
The Bike was a bargain... 7800 miles ridden, clean as a whistle, not a single scratch.  New tires.  Ridden mostly on highways (I got it from Connecticut - in a small township).  Brought it home in a van.  

I am enjoying it tremendously.  Of course, most of the time I ride in the city - heavy city traffic, stop and go, slow turns, sudden stops.  Perfect training for a 'yellow beak'.  Oc course, since the bike is 14 years old, even with such a small milage - I am expecting some problems, down the road.  So far, so good.


From: crazeeharry



READ all the new owner stuff in the Wiki Knowledge base, especially no use of throttle on starting, etc.

linked above in black header next to the V* 1100 Members logo and "Hosted by Sick Mick."

Also here:  https://sites.google.com/site/vstar1100kb/home.       https://sites.google.com/site/vstar1100kb/home/new-owner-must-do-list

Nice  V* BTW.

JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


The 'no-throttle on start' is self explanatory - if you ever made a mistake at the beginning.  The V-Star definitely doesn't like it (not talking of the possible bad consequences).  Some even call it 'index finger starting (no thumb)'...

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Welcome to the club! The 1100 is a great bike. Crazee Harrdy has you going in the right direction with the Knowledge Base. Make sure to read it. There's also an owners manual in there in you need one.....and other goodies as well.


From: OldAFVetProf


Welcome Harry, from another old guy back on a bike. Good site. Great folks!


From: crazeeharry



it is because of this site and great guys like 99Orton, Sick Mick, Gradie55 etc, that I have been able to:

Diagnose a bad Reg/rec. and replace with a Roadie R/R for durability.

Replace my starter Clutch after failure with the help of Abe (Spud16)  and the home made tool he sent me just to help me out.

Pull my swing-arm for service and a 452 Progressive shock install.

Recognize and fix the melted wires from my stator thanks for Gradie55

So you are correct, ... great site and Phenomenal folks here.  

With a special nod the Sick Mick for moderating, maintaining and updating this site.