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Air Cooled Engines Dos and Don'ts   Technical-Bikes

Started Aug-28 by 4Strokes; 514 views.

From: 4Strokes


Being new and unfamiliar with these machines I'm wondering if there are any specific dos and don'ts with an air cooled engine that I should be aware of?

How much idling is too much?

Will it overheat if stuck in traffic?

without a temp gauge how do you know if it's too hot?

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

You really shouldn't let them idle more than a few minutes...unless you're stuck in traffic. They warm up fast, so no need to let it sit and warm up very long.

I live in Arizona.....ride in 110+ temps.....haven't had a single cooling issue.

You'll usually start getting a "spark knock" when it's too hot......though I've seem them overheat only a couple of times. Unless you're riding in temps over 125* and stuck in traffic.....(in which case you can simply shut off the bike while stopped for long).... I'd not worry about it at all.


From: 4Strokes


Good to know.

Thanks man

Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


I've been riding since 79. The only time I ever had an overheat was when my club rode in a parade, and I spent way too much time at a walking pace or just sitting still. The idle got uneven, and I did in fact get spark knock. I stuck it out for the final block, then pulled over to let 'er cool down while we had a wee wet. No ill effects, fired right up. 

SwaMan (swa3)

From: SwaMan (swa3)


When I was in a riding club, we were asked to ride in a village parade............did not go well.

The parade was relatively short, but at the speed we "walked" our bikes and while we waited for various performances to play out, we had a bushel of over heating problems, which included my own personal "no clutch" situation. Eventually it cooled down and years later I'm riding the same bike with no apparent clutch damage, but it could have been QU$TE costly.

It was no fun pushing a heavy motorcycle through a sea of onlookers to get out of the way of the parade, and needless to say, it was our last participation in such an event. I don't recommend it!


From: 4Strokes


So I'm definitely putting parades in the 'Don't' category.thumbsup